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Welcome to YOUR Peer-to-Peer Support Page!

Peer-to-Peer is here for you 24/7, 365-days-a-year because

we care...we're your friends and colleagues.

We're a confidential, free service provided to you by Affiliate 3865--nothing official. Call when you need us...on the other end of the line will be someone who can truly relate...and likely has been through what you're going through or something similar. We're in this together.


We know this approach works and is strongly encouraged by our national association. According to the IAFF: "Peer support is the process by which a trained member of the fire service provides confidential support to another member who is experiencing personal, emotional or work-related problems while acting as a bridge to outside professional services. Peer support builds off of an existing rapport and mutual trust between two members of the same department or occupation."

Peer Support Can Provide:

  • Support when it's needed most.

  • Critical education and resources.

  • Response in moments of crisis.

  • Accountability to self-care.

  • A bridge to professional help.

Contact Information

A Shift

Jenny Butler / 904-669-8876

Stu Howell / 904-662-0000

* Dagen McNally / 904-377-5848

* Tim Clark / 904-505-3757

* Brian Aschoff / 904-669-8390

Dallas Shumaker / 904-347-7384

Luke Nehemias / 904-806-5655

Katrina Silvia / 904-994-4282

B Shift

Mike Lerian / 904-303-9253

* Dan Joubert / 904-226-4161

* Max Brent / 904-315-9894

C Shift

Max Schafer / 904-887-0791

Michele Grant / 904-635-1150

Jimi Palmer / 904-626-3825

Michael Gallatin / 904-669-5890

Maxine Ramos / 904-201-3220

Comm Center

Wayne Walker / 386-916-0082

(* indicates veteran)

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